2023 Musical Camp @ Wexford
2023 Musical Camp @ Wexford

August 7th,2023


    Musical team meeting


    Musical camp program

    Sunday worship

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    The gospel performance

    muscial camp report

    "The total number of attendees for the musical camp was 12, with 4 from Wexford Church and 8 from Passionfruits.

    The camp ran from 10 AM to 6 PM each day, and on the final day, Sunday, it concluded at 9 PM, including a closing worship service.

    During the camp, aspects such as location and food were taken care of by Pastor Boo Hyun.

    Throughout the four days of the camp, there was a spiritual battle, but God poured out His abundant grace. This musical camp seemed to be a camp where God shifted the focus. Rather than just learning choreography and performing, it was a time to enjoy and share love with each other. We felt that we grew spiritually through this musical camp and realized how many blessings God bestowed upon it.

    We were thankful for the opportunity to worship God through every movement of the children. Finally, we express our gratitude to everyone who prayed for this camp."

    -Director Han-