Macedonia Mission
Macedonia Mission

May 15th,2023

    Please pray for the Macedonian mission team WAWA - Walking With the Apostle. We need prayer for our mission team to journey like the apostles, walking with the Holy Spirit. Please pray for us to be equipped with God's word, united in the Holy Spirit, and to have hearts that yearn for Jesus Christ's heart. We also ask you to pray for us to have humble, overflowing love within us and for the North Macedonian region to once again be filled with the wind of the Holy Spirit and the vitality of revival.

    Also please check out the link below and pray for our members.

    Thank you 🙂

    ENGLISH Ver.

    KOREAN Ver.

    "We want to express thank you to everyone who attended the fundraising event in Macedonia on April 8th.

    Although the event has come to an end, we humbly request your prayers for our missionary team. On the front side of the prayer letter, you will find the prayer requests for the missionary team, and on the back side, you will find individual prayer requests. We aspire to be a missionary team that spreads the gospel to all nations, and we are grateful for your continued support.

    Thank you once again!"